Geography        -

  1.                                                                 100  General

101  Welcome to The National Council for Geographic Education

102  Geography Standards - The National Council for Geographic Education

103  Test Your Geography Knowledge 

104     Land use change over 10 years        Google's Lat Long Blo

105. Pictures of Earth from space

106.    -Large scale photos cover several continents are a result of a five year odyssey around the world by Yann Arthus-Bertrand  the photographer.

107. Architecture (480p)

108.  Here are 7 'love lock' bridges besides Paris's Pont des Arts 

109. World's worst major cities for travel

110. Chinese fireworks….

111. See what aircraft are flying anywhere in the world at:  Flightradar24.

112.  After you're done with the first picture, click on it and it will go to the next, and so on.     LIGHTNING IN A JAR

                                                                               200 Local

201.  Pittsburgh: Geography and Climate.

202.    11/19/14DaBurg


204.  Pittsburgh:

 205.    Pittsburghese Polka 


300  U.S.

301  American West 19th Century

302.   Mapping US Counties

303.  1940 service stations

304   Badlands North Dakota

305.  Detroit's faded beauty

306.   Virtual field trips for science, space and history lessons    eSchool News (free registration) (7/9)

307.  Internet connections of nation’s schools

308.   See what aircraft are flying anywhere in the world at: Flightradar24.         Click on an individual airplane's icon for information about that specific flight- when the plane departed and what time it is expected to land, what model that plane is, where it's headed and where it came from. You can even see the altitude, speed and compass heading of the plane in question.

 309.    Glass Beach – From Trash To Treasure -  Images for glass beach

 310.  Limestone caves in Kansas City

 311.   Scientists may have solved the mystery of Death Valley's 'sailing stones

 312.   Click here: Beany's Dbrive Thru - Long Beach, California - 1952-53 on Vimeo



315.   How Wolves Change Rivers - YouTube

316.    Blackboards from 1917: Emerson High School in ...

317.     OLD GAS STATIONS AND OLD CARS!!!    Old fuel stop

318.  Todd Webb's post-war New York -

400  Europe

401  Garmisch-Partenkirken

402  Barcelona Cathedral

403.  BIRD'S EYE-VIEWS:     Bird's Eye-views images    •       •    See Bird's Eye View of Famous Homes   •   See Bird's Eye View of Famous Scary Homes   •   See Bird's Eye View Famous Former Lovers Homes   •   See Bird's Eye View Famous Unique Homes   •   See Bird's Eye View Famous Historic Homes   •   See Bird's Eye View Famous Celebrity Neighborhoods   •   See Bird's Eye View Famous Presidents’ Homes

404.  Reflections spiegelbilder - SlideShare

405.  Images for Sochi - Olympic Venue

406.   Mother Russia- Children and Animals on Russia Farm


408 Driving in Russia

409.  BIG BEN

410.    Happy 2016 London Ferris wheel


 412.     Scottish  Cyclist macaskills-wee-day-out


500 Africa

501  Blue Train S. Africa        The Blue Train Video - YouTube

502.  Mansions of Africa

503. PalaisdeMoubarakauCaire

504.  Addis Abbaba Ethiopia….Intersection

505.   N. Africa


                                                                                    600.  ASIA

601. A drive along one of the world's most dangerous roads

602.   Mt Everest Journey : Everest Avalanche Tragedy : Discovery Channel

603.   American Pie?…/the-best-pizza-in-every-state-in…



                                                                                                                700.  Australia / New Zealand 

701.  Kangaroo fights

 702. 23 Reasons Why You Must Visit Australia Before You Die

703.    Sydney's Harbour Bridge - YouTube   

704.   Earthquake in New Zealand


                                                                                                        800. Oceania

 801.   Fiji and Tonga Undersea  

                                                                                        900. Canada

901. Alberta Canada